Plane Cutting Press

Increased production, reduced labor costs, faster operation, and improved quality of end-products, achieve all of these with CJRTec’s Plane Cutting Press. Unlike the traditional die cutter, our hydraulic machine is available in a wide range of table sizes and tonnages. The machines can slice up thin and flexible materials, such as leather, fabric, rubber, or composites, with a maximum cutting force of 10-ton, 15-ton, 27-ton, and up to 200-ton. We also accept customized orders based on your business specifications and requirements.

Leather Die Cut Plane Cutting Press
Leather Hydraulic Plane Cutting Press

You may have seen cheaper products in the market from Chinese suppliers but as a distributor for over a decade, we always tell our customers to research before buying any automatic equipment online. Some old plane presses sold on the Web are obsolete and no longer have spare parts. In case of breakdown, there will be no way to fix the machine. This is the reason why CJRTec only offers brand new plane cutting press machines than come with warranty to guarantee business owners that they receive legit and durable machineries.

Leather Plane Die Cutting Press
Plane Cutting Press